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Everything you Need to Know

Reflecting on Covid-19 and innovation

The numbers are what they are, we are not here to spread more bad and frightening news. We´ve been home, like everybody else, we´ve been trying to get into a slightly different routine and new mindset that is needed to overcome this crisis, a situation we...

New website launched

We'd like to happily announce that we have launched our website! Let us present you the Smart Lollipop through a colorful and creative journey! Come and follow us.

Fostering innovation at Imagine Express Competition

4YFN and the Mobile World Congress In February 2018, The intelligent medical candy continued its journey to the Imagine Express competition where the business model started to shape up. The project won in Acceleration category and presented at the 4YFN,...

eWomen Empordà

In April 2019, Diana Ballart, the CEO and cofounder of the project presented her entrepreneurial experience at eWoman Empordà (read more at Empodrà).

Dream Big Challenge iFest, where everything started

The Smart Lollipop was born on an innovation competition called Dream Big Challenge iFest in November 2017, organized in Barcelona (read more at Europa Press). The intelligent candy was considered the most innovative solution and won the best prize. The...


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